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Giant renewed the left-hander to start Hollander

The San Francisco Giants reached an agreement with the left-hander to launch Derek Holland, and Holland will return to the Giants with a 1+1 contract, up to a maximum of $15 million. In addition, San Francisco Giants baseball president Farhan Sadi responded to Madison-Bangm Ghana’s deal. He said that the team has not received any trading quotes and the Giants will not take the initiative to trade the trump left. .

The 32-year-old Hollander was selected by the Texas Rangers in the 25th round in 2006. He was in the Major League in 2009. He once shot an average of more than 190 in the 2011-13 season, but continued injuries since then. Can’t find the status. Last year, I joined the Giants in a short period of time. I played 36 games in 30 games, 7 wins and 9 losses in the whole season, and the self-blame rate was 3.57. The 171.1 Bureau sent 169 strikes to the base rate of 1.29. He was also the starting lineup of the San Francisco Giants last season. Eat the most pitchers.

It is reported that the new contract includes $6.5 million in 2019 with the 2020 team option. If Hollander starts more than 24 games in 2019, his contract will be $7 million in 2020. If the 2019 season starts in 32 games, he will start 32 games. This 1+1 contract has a maximum value of $15 million.

In the offseason, Bam Ghana’s trading rumors made the giant fans feel sad. The 29-year-old ace left-handed career was selected for the All-Star Game four times, helping the Giants win the World Championships in 2010, 12 and 14 respectively. The performance of Feng Shen is even more honored as MVP. However, in the 2017 season, because of the big-footed motorcycle injury, the 2018 season due to the spring training, the ball fracture caused the “Maud State” to add 240.2 in the past two seasons. Don’t forget that he had 200 in the previous six seasons. The above performance.

After the 2019 season, he will become a free agent, and his annual salary of only 12 million US dollars will become the toon of the trading market, after the Milwaukee brewer has a very strong interest in him. With the rumors of the management of the Giants, I believe that at least in the 2019 season, Bam Ghana will still be wearing the Giants shirt, if the state returns to 731, I believe he will be the target of the playoff team. .

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Carson Wentz is still the team’s starting quarterback

Carson Wentz is still our starting quarterback. “Philadelphia Eagles coach Doug Pedersen said on Tuesday in US time.”

After being reimbursed early in the season for a torn knee ligament, Wentz missed five games including the playoffs this season because of a back injury. With Nick Falls leading the team into the playoffs, who will be the team’s future starting quarterback becomes an issue that the Hawks need to answer in this offseason.

Falls is still unclear in the future of the Eagles. “About Nick, we hope that all players will stay in the team next season, but as I mentioned many times before, this is not a question about a player. We need to consider the team’s overall interests and make the most of the team. A favorable decision,” Pedersen said.

It is speculated that Falls will enter the free agent market – whether the Hawks refuse to accept his $20 million contract option, or if Falls will pay $2 million to lift his contract. Perhaps he will continue to stay in Philadelphia as a substitute for Wentz, and give up a bigger contract to win and become the main quarterback opportunity, after all, Fowles played under the Pedersen system.

The future of the eagle is undoubtedly Wentz. He took the MVP level before he was seriously injured in 2017. Despite the injuries in the past two seasons, team manager Hoy Rothman is confident that Wentz will regain his glory in 2019.

“We have great confidence in Wentz and his ability as our quarterback. We believe he can play 19 games in the starting game,” Rothman said. “The quarterback has always been a top priority for us. We will always try to have the most talented quarterback. We have a great quarterback coach and the team has been working hard to improve the quarterback position, just like any other position is extremely important to our team.”

In the fourth year of entering the rookie contract, Wentz has a season to win a big contract. Rothman said that it is not impossible to negotiate a new contract with Wentz during the offseason, although the latter suffers from injuries. “There is no doubt that we want to do our utmost to keep the best players here for a long time. At their peak, there are those players we have chosen. These are the people we will focus on.”

Now Wentz’s main energy needs to be fully recovered from the injury that once again pushed Falls to the spotlight in Philadelphia.

NFL star cornerback accurate prediction of the championship four teams 80 days ago
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NFL star cornerback accurate prediction of the championship four teams 80 days ago

One day, when Archib-Talibu chooses to retire, he can consider moving to Las Vegas to show his talents, or to be a fortune teller, because it is obvious that he can accurately predict the future. Earlier this year, the Los Angeles Rams star corner guard was asked to predict four teams participating in the American League and the National League Championships in an interview with the NFL. As a result, Talibu guessed. The specific date of this forecast is the 10th week of the regular season, and the Rams are still preparing to face the Seahawks. This means that Talibu has known that saints, rams, chiefs and patriots will be in the divisional finals 80 days in advance.

In the interview, the NFL network reporter asked which teams you think will appear in the League of Nations Championships. Talibu replied: “The National League Championship? Oh, of course, the ram, as for another team, the Saints.” The reporter asked him to predict the situation of the United States, “American League? Patriots and Chiefs.” Talibu replied.

Now, 10 weeks later, the saints will face the Rams in the League of Nations Championship, and the Chiefs will play against the Patriots in the AFC Championship, everything is as Talibu said. If the god operator Talibu is on the sidelines, if he wants to earn more extra money, he can consider studying the Tarot card in his spare time and become a master of the stars. Of course, when he made his predictions, the Rams (8-1), the Chiefs (8-1), the Saints (7-1), and the Patriots (7-2) were the best four teams in the NFL. Even so, as a professional player who has been in the league for many years, the four teams selected by his eyes are still shocked by the fans in the last words.

Speaking of football predictions, NFL players have been active for the past few years. First of all, I remember that Arcshen-Jeffrey promised to win the Super Bowl of the 2017 season after the end of the 2016 season. The result, guess what? He is really successful! Although he also played for the Chicago Bears when he said this, he could follow the Philadelphia Eagles to win the Super Bowl in the next year. The Jacksonville Jaguar defensive tackle Carles Campbell is also unwilling to lag behind. He accurately predicted the team’s 45-42 victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers before the division last year. Compared to Jeffrey and Talibu, Campbell only It is a great god.

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Pistons have negotiated with Lone Ranger

The Detroit Pistons have already discussed with the Dallas Lone Ranger about the trading plan of the Lone Ranger guard Dennis Smith.

According to the source, the Pistons have talked with the Lone Ranger about the deal with Little Dennis Smith. Lawrence wrote on his tweet.

This season, the Pistons’ record failed to meet expectations. As of now, they are ranked 18th in the East with 18 wins and 24 losses. The team’s main point guard Reggie Jackson is not as good as before, averaging 14.6 points and 4.2 assists per game, shooting just 39.9%. And their other point guard, Ismail Smith, has just recovered from the injury. The Pistons need some fresh blood to change the status quo.

Today, rookie Luca East Cic has performed well in the Lone Ranger point guard position, and the team sees him as the cornerstone of the future. Therefore, their second-year junior Smith’s role in the team is no longer so important, he can’t change the game well, the team can only seek trading.

So far this season, Little Dennis-Smith has played 28 times and averaged 12.6 points, 2.6 rebounds and 3.9 assists per game in 27.7 minutes. Several numbers are not as good as his rookie season. However, his shooting problems improved this season, his shooting percentage increased from 39.5% to 44.1%, and his three-point percentage increased from 31.3% to 37.5%.

Earlier today, ESPN name Adrian Werner Roskey broke out, the Lone Ranger team is accelerating negotiations on Little Smith, the Phoenix Suns and the Orlando Magic are negotiating with them, eager to get small Smith.

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King joins Jeremy Lin for battle

According to sources, many teams in the league are interested in getting Eagle guard Lin Shuhao, and the Kings are one of them.

In the past two seasons, Jeremy Lin has been plagued by injuries in the Nets, playing only 37 games in two seasons. Last summer, Jeremy Lin joined the Hawks. Here, he served as a backup for rookie guard Trey Young. After the start of the new season, Jeremy Lin played a good efficiency. He played 19.6 minutes per game and scored 10.8 points and 3.6 assists. The rate is 47.8% of the career high and 34.7% of the three-pointers. In addition, Jeremy Lin’s true shooting percentage reached 60.6%, and this data is also a new career high.

The effective performance of Jeremy Lin has attracted the attention of many teams in the league. There have been reports in the media that the Raptors, the 76ers and the Blazers have deliberately obtained him. In fact, it is no secret that the Hawks want to send away Jeremy Lin. At present, the Hawks’ 13 wins and 30 losses record is only ranked fourth in the pennant in the East, and the possibility of entering the playoffs is negligible.

This season, the focus of the Hawks is still to train young people like Trey Young, Mark Stein said that the Hawks will put Lin Shuhao, Bezimore and Dedmond and other veterans before the trade deadline. On the trading shelves, they expect to get more picks and get more rebuilding assets.

Today’s king is no longer the same. At present, the Kings’ record of 23 wins and 21 losses is temporarily ranked 10th in the west. They have just won three consecutive victories. They are only half a win from the eighth-ranked jazz in the West. The team has made the first playoff since 2006, and the team is willing to make some changes to improve the lineup. In addition, the Kings have always wanted to get rid of Randolph and Kufus contract.